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Anonymous whispered: Did you have gastric bypass surgery and how old were you how was it

Yes I did! I was 18 at the time :)

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Murder House: Tate Langdon
Asylum: Kit Walker
Coven: Kyle Spencer
Freakshow: Jimmy Darling

He’s always handsome♡

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"I’ve never had fans in the younger generation before, so that’s really cool."

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I just signed to be team capitan for St. Jude’s Hospital! Would anyone be interested in helping me raise money? Even 1$ would help :)

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i like how his mom is immediately on his side and about to getaway car them off 

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Jessica Lange + lighting up a cigarette

Healthy, Happy, and Body Positive Challenge Days 3-5 →


So my grandparents were in town this weekend and I worked quite a bit so I havent been on tumblr much, but now that I am back I want to do a full update on the days I missed!!

  • DAY 3: Something that motivates you the most, it can be a picture, can be tumblr, anything that motivates you!

Awe you brought the biggest smile on my face <3

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